Content and Purpose
Chase Klinsteker,
Author of Chases Fishes

---Spoonplugging is a total concept of fishing, targeting the biggest fish of all species, on all waters, and under all conditions.  It was discovered and perfected by the late Buck Perry, the “Father of Structure Fishing” and one of the most successful fishermen that ever lived.

---This site is a collection of pictures, articles, reports, handouts, history, and programs at meetings of the Lunker Hunter Spoonpluggers Club of Grand Rapids, Michigan over many years.  They are dated and organized by fishing subjects listed on the Home Page.  Scientific facts about fish behavior do not become outdated.

---This site is not intended to be read from “cover to cover”.  Just pick some fishing subjects you are interested in and begin to learn and enjoy.  The use of bold type on important words and phrases aids in quicker reading.

---Repetition of facts and concepts exist on this website.  Mr. Perry emphasized that gaining true knowledge requires that.  After time, the simplicity of Spoonplugging can be seen, as is manifest in the “Spoonpluggers Basic Guideline” (see BASIC MOVEMENTS, BEHAVIOR).

---At the very least, this is an interesting partial history of Spoonplugging as experienced by a local club, while you learn and enjoy the content of their educational programs.

---Of all the catches mentioned in the reports, most of the fish were returned to the water to fight another day.  Preserving the resource for future fishermen is very important.

---I am not finished with this and intend to add more articles, pictures, and possibly video in the future, especially related to Spoonplugging history.  Come back and visit often!


Spoonplugging, or structure fishing, is the use of scientific facts discovered about the behavior of fish, where to find them, and how to get them to reflex strike a lure.  I became interested in it in 1972, and in the year 2000, was fortunate to have been selected by Buck Perry to become a Certified Spoonplugging Instructor.  Having been helped and instructed by numerous Spoonpluggers over many years, I have experienced catches of fish far beyond my wildest dreams, and am extremely grateful for that help.  Sharing knowledge is the mark of a Spoonplugger, and it is in that spirit that I hope this site will help others in their growth in fishing.  Catching fish on purpose and receiving joy and satisfaction for your efforts is the reward.  This site is dedicated to the memory of Buck Perry and the vast knowledge he gave to us about successful fishing.

               Chase Klinesteker, Certified Spoonplugging Instructor